CSI | Energy and Sustainability
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Energy and Sustainability

Energy and Sustainability


Energy Audit

CSI provides a turnkey job and confirms that the scope of work which it will undertake covers all components and requirements deemed necessary to provide complete functional energy efficient systems that are environmental friendly and enhance the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) of the Building. Our Aim that the Audit achieves the following three objectives:

Energy Management

CSI Energy Management Solution provide a complete answer to your facilities and energy management needs, for your new or existing facilities through Energy Managements, measurement and verification , monitoring and control services

The Energy Management Solution will provide you with comprehensive energy audit and supervise the implementing of Energy Efficiency measures

A Monitoring and control service will provide you with the needed measurement and verification to insure that the saving is obtained

Energy Review

The Energy Review Service to review design drawings and specifications related to Energy Efficiency to provide recommendations that will improve the energy performance of the building.

Energy Modeling

CSI Energy modeling team well work with your team to optimize and have consistently been able to generate substantial capital and operational cost savings and the early involvement of energy modelling on projects allows energy efficiency strategies to be better selected so that the Client’s investment is optimized.

LEED Consultancy

CSI will provide Assessment & Consultation For buildings approaching LEED accreditation to insure that it will achieve the desire rating with the optimum design, and support you through the process form the design stage till the handover and document submission

Measurement and Verification

service is to develop the methodology of calculating the saving from the implemented EEM’s , and describe the impact of the EEM’s under all conditions

CSI have a professional team which is CMVP certified develop a M&V plan according to the IPMVP