CSI | Testing Services
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Testing Services

Testing Services


HVAC Testing Adjusting Balancing

The building construction industry is experiencing a major growth in demand for experienced and certified testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) contractors who can balance today’s complex HVAC systems.

The purpose of testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) is to assure that an HVAC system is providing maximum occupational comfort at the lowest energy cost possible. Hands on of the Testing, Adjusting and Balancing works for both the air and hydronic systems is the most important aspect of the overall process of Testing & Commissioning for HVAC systems.

CSI provides a comprehensive TAB service to clients for all types of development, with highly experienced staff and a full range of calibrated instruments.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

CSI can provide an indoor air quality assessment that will instigate good environmental management of every aspect of workplace

Sound & Vibration Test

CSI is equipped to provide advanced noise and vibration testing by blending the best of both traditional and leading edge technologies to identify the types and characteristics of noise & Vibration along with identifying appropriate control measures

Electrical Testing

CSI electrical testing and inspection team understand electrical testing regulations and can perform the tests or supervise the test carried by others and submit test report, CSI team will ensure all electrical installation and appliances are fully compliant with the standards and regulations after successfully testing

Thermal Imaging Test

An infrared camera shows exactly where the problems are and helps focus the inspectors’ attention allowing him or her to properly diagnose areas with energy loss. This strategy saves considerable amount of time that would have otherwise been spent and lost in identifying the problems. Thus Infrared thermography is the easiest and quickest method to detect energy waste, moisture and electrical issues in buildings.

Through thermal imaging CSI Engineers locate and identify electrical/mechanical equipment with hotspots

Building Envelope (Building Tightness)

Due to the increased interest in high-performance buildings, more attention is being paid to how envelope assemblies affect interior comfort and energy performance.

CSI is able to carry out effective commissioning of building envelope assemblies including air intrusion, water intrusion, and thermal intrusion.



Clean Room Test

The act of evaluating the performance of a cleanroom by performing a series of defined tests with prescribed procedures and reporting requirements, CSI experience in cleanroom systems ensure these critical areas are performing in accordance with international standards and customer quality specifications.

HEBA Filters Testing

CSI comply with international and local testing standards and regulations during HEPA filters testing.

Medical Gas and Laboratory System

CSI ensure the proper procedure and standards are used for verification of laboratory and medical gas systems

Leak pressure testing standards and anti-confusion testing are measure requirements that need to be demonstrated before acceptance

Safety Cabinet and Testing

CSI comply with various testing standards and regulations during safety cabinet testing

Face velocity measurement for safety cabinets with contaminate testing are the basic test required for demonstration before acceptance