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With an active Commissioning Management Department of CSI mother company, MEGA MEP, and successful commissioning handling of prestigious projects since the 1990s, CSI first came to light in 2004 on a small scale basis to serve as its mother company’s projects MEP Commissioning Management team.


CSI Founders and partners were friends and Co‐workers in their own different companies and positions since 2000 and through 2010. It was in 2010 when another breakthrough happened when a new generation of ambitious staff and coworkers met working together in New Doha International Airport project that the ambitious idea and dream of an engineering company dedicated to MEP Commissioning Management with high caliber staff emerged. With their dedicated and intensive experience in Construction Field, Testing and Balancing (TAB) and Commissioning Management, they knew what it takes to make a brand of an excellent organization.


For the following years, different approaches, merges with other companies and trials were made to initiate this goal. During their previous experiences ranged, by then, from 10 to 35 years of diversified experiences, they built an integrated approach for a company that covers the market, clients and contractors’ needs. The idea of Commissioning Management has been always that of a third party certifying the works carried out by the Contractor.


That created a big gap in the needs, quality and outcome of the process that resulted in having the Commissioning Specialist/Agency with no added value and becoming only a witness to the process. The idea of CSI Board of Directors was always to fill the gap between the construction team and owners’ representatives and cover the handing over process needs.


This idea of the approach is applied by leading the Commissioning Management process and team members as partners not witnesses, to deliver the systems following the standard template and using the software(s) created by long experienced staff tailored to the needs of each project and to represent and become the focal point of contact of the Commissioning Team(s) in each level CSI is involved in. In order to apply the vision, integrated trust with esteemed clients and business partners in the constrcution field would have been established. This trust is based on the proven successful experience and the excellent services CSI is providing.