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In September 2015, starting with a core team staff of well‐selected 10 members, CSI got its first chance to apply its vision and to build its independent global name and reputation. Starting in 2 different markets at the same time in Qatar and Turkey, CSI was successful to leave a positive impact in the projects its staff managed.


The recommendations that followed from the projects’ clients were encouraging to proceed with the positive approach established. In February 2016, CSI Commissioning Services International came officially to the light in its first registered branch office in Dubai, UAE after some preludes and attempts in 2015. It was always the main target to recruit high caliber staff and create the core‐trained staff in all levels following the founders’ vision of the Commissioning Management approach.


By July 2017, with staff of 60, CSI reached to new horizons and became active in MENA starting with Jordan and Egypt markets and in Central Asia starting in Astana, Kazakhstan. Always recruiting high caliber staff that know the gap and believe in the idea and applying continuous trainings and development to the whole staff and managers, CSI became a trustworthy technical service provider to its early professional clients. That proven short history of the new configuration and name gave CSI a kudos to its booming getting awarded its biggest project to date, Abu Dhabi International Midfield Terminal Building Complex in August 2017.


During late 2017 till June 2018, CSI operations were active in 8 different countries with a total staff of company employed work force staff of over 180 staff members in managerial, technical and field levels. New cadres in all levels started to be the lead in the different operations CSI “to‐ Deliver” mentality was quickly implemented in its staff approaches and became a trademark of CSI. In June 2018, CSI established its first sister company for facilities management services,


CSI Advanced Technical Service (CSI ATS), in Dubai, UAE. With a potential work force of 130 staff, CSI ATS is an extended integrated vision of the original CSI CommissioningManagement Services to add engineering approach and solutions to the facilities management scope of work. CSI ATS started creating its portfolio being awarded the prestigious project Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Terminal Building Complex assessment works to the facilities management team of the main contractor With the vast area covered and the growing potential, CSI established its second branch office in Egypt to serve as its centralized technical office and penetrate the African market in August 2018. Currently with a work force of 20 engineers in theoffice, the technical documents are prepared and developed in the standard formats to serve all CSI global operations.


The standard high quality of the documents produced led to highconfidence in CSI ability to handle the projects documentationsrequired in most prestigious projects. In October 2018, the official registration of a Qatari branch office was made under the name CSI Commissioning Services. The high demand potential of the Qatari market and the growing staff of CSI stationed in Qatar with a current number of 40 engineers and technicians secured a robust start and approach to the Qatari market. Currently, CSI is developing its Europe approach through its active registered office in Warsaw, Poland. It is the plan to initiate Europe operation within early 2019 as another registered company. CSI is always open to business partnerships with its esteemed clients and agents in other countries outside its registered offices stations as mentioned in contacts section.